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Shunhao Tsai

Shunhao Shawn Tsai

Shunhao is an authority on Taiwan’s digital entertainment industry who has devoted himself to serve as a bridge between the government and private enterprises. He has worked with stakeholders in both the private and public sector on the promotion of Taiwan’s creative industries.

With a background in gaming, audiovisual media, computer graphics and animation, Shunhao served as an advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs Digital Content Industry Promotion Office and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency prior to joining BGA. He aided the development of local business by providing the perspective of the government and engaged closely with key players from across the Asia-Pacific. Earlier in his career, he worked on marketing and business development for Taiwanese software and technology companies.

Shunhao holds a Master of Science in manufacturing engineering from Boston University. His career path brings a unique IT marketing and entertainment perspective.

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