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Deputy Managing Director

Steve Han

Steve brings seasoned industrial experience to help BGA clients understand issues on regulations and on government supervisory decisions for businesses operating in Korea, particularly those in finance, healthcare and digital and information technology. 

Steve spent 16 years at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, one of the largest non-life insurers in Korea. He was involved in planning and launching new businesses for domestic and global markets. His years at Samsung Insurance offered Steve a rare professional opportunity to develop rich experience and insights into the heavily regulated financial sector. His time with the company also gave him an opportunity to expand his extensive professional networks in the business and government communities needed in an industry in which new businesses must be approved by the regulatory supervisor.   

During his last four years at Samsung, Steve led a digital insurance project and the digital healthcare team. In this capacity, he helped the government improve its finance and healthcare sector regulations. He joined several public-private joint regulatory improvement projects to develop and promote new businesses for Korea’s financial, technology and healthcare sectors. Examples include non-medical healthcare business guidelines and health-promotion insurance-product development guidelines. 

Steve completed his MBA at the University of Virginia and bachelor’s degree in anthropology at Seoul National University. 

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