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Deputy Managing Director

Toshiki Yazawa

Toshiki Yazawa

Toshiki has deep understanding of the mechanisms of Japan’s complex policymaking process. He brings three decades of experience engaging stakeholders and delving into issues such as finance, taxes, social security and trade to his role of ensuring BGA clients’ needs are met and managing the day-to-day operations of BGA Japan.

Toshiki is a highly awarded economic journalist and specialist in the financial sector. Through a wealth of nearly three decades with Nikkei, the world’s largest economic media group, Toshiki covered a range of economic issues and politics. His five years working in Washington, D.C., helped him develop global perspectives on issues.

In 2015, Toshiki was appointed chief manager of the Nikkei Corporate Planning Office. In this role, he gained in-depth knowledge of corporate strategy as the company acquired the Financial Times. Toshiki is committed to advisory services for structural reform and globalization of industries.

After retiring from the media in 2020, Toshiki transferred to the business world by joining investment company Miyakoshi Holdings. As a director and managing executive officer of the company’s corporate planning office, he conducted large scale urban redevelopment projects.

Toshiki is a graduate of the Sophia University in Japan, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in education.

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