The BGA Thailand Team, led by Managing Director Teerasak “Art” Siripant, wrote an update to clients on Thailand’s upcoming election as the dissolution of the country’s Parliament approaches.


  • Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on February 21 announced his intention to dissolve the House of Representatives in March before Parliament’s four-year term ends later in the month. Although the election date has not been set — various indications point to May 7 — Thailand’s much-anticipated 2023 election is in full gear.
  • With the election looming, political realignments are underway as candidates for parliamentary seats switch parties to maximize their electoral chances. The party pecking orders and candidate lineups are expected to become clearer in the run-up to the polls as parties make selections and explore possible coalition government partners.


  • Prayut is expected to leverage all available resources, including government budget disbursements in the interim, to promote himself and his United Thai Party (UTN) in the lead-up to polling day. This effort will include poaching candidates from other parties and enticements to lure other established members of Parliament to join the nascent and unseasoned UTN.
  • BGA believes Parliament will dissolve in mid-March. Voices calling for an early House dissolution have died down since Prayut joined the UTN, as his followers realize he will need time to build support for the new party leadership before the next election.


  • The announcement dissolving Parliament should have limited effects on business operations. BGA does not expect major disruptions to political stability between now and election day.
  • Businesses are advised to keep election dynamics in mind when engaging with stakeholders. They should also remain strategically agile given Thailand’s frequent unpredictable post-election outcomes and potential shifts in the country’s overall political and economic outlook.

BGA will continue to keep you updated on developments in Thailand as they occur. If you have any comments or questions, please contact BGA Thailand Managing Director Teerasak “Art” Siripant at