BGA Senior Adviser Thitinan Pongsudhirak wrote an update to clients on Thailand’s upcoming general election and what it means for businesses.


  • After two decades, Pheu Thai has won the populist campaign Thaksin launched in the late 1990s, thereby opening up the Thai political system by catering to the poor and addressing economic inequality and the urban-rural divide.
  • In a straightforward election, Pheu Thai and Move Forward should be able to form a coalition government because both have topped various polls and are on course to combine for more than half of the elected lower house of Parliament.


  • Although more than five dozen parties are battling for the 500-seat lower house, only a clutch of them will nab the lion’s share. These are lined up between the coalition government — mainly the Palang Pracharat, United Thai Nation, Bhumjaithai and Democrat parties — and the opposition Pheu Thai and Move Forward.
  • Unless vote results are clear and unassailable, the post-poll government formation process could be drawn out and stuck in deadlock, whereby Prayut (the current prime minister) would remain in charge in the interim.


  • This election will either see Thailand settle deeper into a long-term conservative-royalist bureaucratic state or perk up up with a qualitatively different government that could move the country forward again.
  • Confidence among consumers and investors alike would pick up palpably with a newly formed government, in which the emphasis will likely move from security to growth and prosperity, with an eye to enlarge the economic pie.

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